Years of Fashion

Over the years I haven’t taken much of an interest in fashion or the way I looked. I kept my style pretty basic; I stuck to graphic tees, converses, and skinny jeans. The trending color of my everyday life was black. Black went with everything, this I knew. But as I grew older more colors started to standout to me; fabrics and different styles, overall the way they were worn and presented to the world.

Someone once told me “It isn’t what you wear, it’s how you wear it.” I use to disagree with this but after majoring in fashion at FIT, I’ve learned the truth this statement. Everyday fashion trends that were out of style by the 2000s are now considered vintage and fashionable today. Take for example, overalls… I bet your thinking about how unfashionable they are, like big old clumsy looking things that farm workers still wear, well, not exactly true. My best friend and lover both find this style to be up and coming and also vintage.

“How would it be if I were to bring it back?” he’d ask

“ Well if anyone could, it would surely be you” I respond

I wasn’t trying to boost his spirit or cheer him on; I did indeed believe this to be true; it was about how the person wore it. Old can become new, fresh and interesting. And as I got to better understand this concept, I truly appreciate colors and fabric. Realizing that fashion is not just an industry on its own but an art form. It is represented differently and can tell you a story. Fashion is ever changing over the course of time, however, every so often we have that one trend that everyone wants to follow; it represents our decade, our generation. And every so often we learn to appreciate what good fashion is all about.

Thrift stores have became a rave that its no longer underground. Neighborhoods like SoHo and Union Square in New York City continue to be THE places to shop as there are always hidden gems a few blocks away. Lets learn to find ourselves through the clothes we wear. Lets tell a story through the style we present to the world. Lets create everyday trends!

Written by Samantha Taylor

Edited by Keesha M Charles

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