The Lifestyle Lounge

G3Ever want to experience what the hype is for holistic health?  Welcome to The Lifestyle Lounge. The Lifestyle Lounge (formerly known as The Wellness Lounge) promises an after-work party for busy professionals.  The Lifestyle Lounge is a fun wellness party where attendees can sit down and talk 1 on 1 with wellness experts in a mini consultation.  Attendees can experience the service provided, ask questions which will help them invest in future services for themselves.

Monica Aparicio is the creator of The Lifestyle Lounge.  From holistic health coaching, to meditation, to biodynamic breathwork, Monica has the certifications and accreditations to lead workshops and help people. She holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Photography from Parsons School of Design; a Master’s of Science in School Supervision and Administration and has thought Fine Arts in New York City public schools for 12 years.  Along with starting her first company, Urban Breath NYC in 2010, to her next company Total Life Remix started in 2012; Monica has now launched The Lifestyle Lounge in 2013. She aims to help busy professionals tweak their lifestyles so that they feel great and become more successful. Additionally, she is a business mentor who works with a select number of wellness and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to experience more focus, pleasure and success growing their business.


Having enrolled in a 1 year program in holistic health coaching, the idea of a lifestyle lounge, started as a classroom project.  It turned into a community project that she had a great passion for. Monica has been able to embrace that passion of connecting healers and bringing the knowledge to the community. As someone who was able to switch her life around from an unsatisfying career and an unhappy lifestyle, Monica takes the experience to helping others feel better about themselves, gain confidence and get out in the world.  Her future goals are to expand her launch party, to get more clients, and to provide the opportunities to more people to feel better about themselves and possibly change their lifestyles as she was able to for herself.G4

Check out more information about the wellness party held quarterly in NYC at

Written by Rita Shah

Edited by Pranesh Rao

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