Opening Ceremony 2016

With progressive advancement in textiles which can mimic nature Opening Ceremony opted to do away with fur and leather altogether. On closer inspection the details are the champions of the story which evokes utopian suburbia of the baby boomer 1950s; the automobile and manicured lawns with topiaries make their way into the collection in breathtaking jacquard and lurex combinations or the vernacular vehicle shapes and forms on closures on skirts and coats.OC_PS16_look11

Broad laser cut tire mark friction impressions can be seen running through the bottom of vegan leather culottes, skirts and dresses which become more obvious in motion; a singular track dead center of an optical white knit top serves a unique pattern making it a prized item to lust for.

Glimpses of the ‘grunge’ movement show up in a modern take on the classic motor cycle jacket which have been relaxed and lowered or covered in rubberized leopard-pattern; exposed fleeced lined lapels on one while another minimalist car coat all in vegan leather of various textures. Another are the layering effects where ingenious textured knits from oversized linear perforations to cocktail dresses composed of accordion ruchings -simple crew neck tee; zippered funnel necks; tuxedo stripe long sleeves; mid-calf peplum trimmed dress- go under laser cut spaghetti strap sheaths and polo shirt tunics.

An ebony and ivory dress covered with a collection of frolicking shaggy haired Komondors, the prized family dog sweater. Carrying over the humor has a clean sweater with a pair of the two adorable four legged family member in tiered fringes. Taking it even one step further has unisex varsity jackets and jerseys plastered with ‘Missing Dog’ or ‘Beware of Dog’ and one with a ‘Frise, I’m a Bichon!’

Adding some point of interests in particular are the gentle cascading sleeve tunic and a two toned Waterfall dress which can definitely be an elegant conversational piece at a soiree.OC_PS16_look09OC_PS16_look15

Saturated vibrant orange dominate a palette of cobalt blue, sage greens and neutrals. Large oversized circular-buckle offer cinched waists if preferred.

Unique hardware, prints and weaves were conceived in house that ensures originality including the accessories, another marvelous execution by the design duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon for their Women’s Resort collection.

Written by Richard Dupuy
OC_PS16_look23OC_PS16_look19 OC_PS16_look01

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