Manifest Summer Love 2015

Manifest Summer Love 2015, held on June 14th, was hosted by the NYC-based international Love Coach and Match Maker, Gabi Lovve. Born in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, she is currently working on her Ph.D. with a focus in Marital Satisfaction and Personality Types, and can be seen monthly on The Dr. Lovve Show, as well as at one of her several life-coaching workshops. Using real life experience, science statistics, and philosophy, along with her stellar communication skills, Lovve arms her clients with the tools to develop more authentic and loving relationships.

This year, the six hour seminar focused on teaching women to effectively communicate with men. This included dating and marriage tips, online dating, understanding different types of men and how to attract them, and sustaining relationships.4

Tina Paymaster, Health & Lifestyle Coach, was a guest speaker at the seminar. Her focus was on sharing the laws of self-care, self-love, and self-radiance of the mind, body & spirit. She focused on how to enter a relationship wherein one’s true self is shining with confidence and fulfillment to bring one at peace with one’s self. From her training as a health coach, along with her knowledge of holistic nutrition, preventive health, and dietary theories, she helps herclients to become healthy by making positive changes that can be maintained and assimilated in their lives.

The between-sessions entertainment was provided by Jennifer Slaw who focused on engaging the audience in order to motivate and inspire them to generate positive change. With a dual degree in engineering & art, Slaw works to find balance and share her knowledge to empower others with tools to become more effective “jugglers” in their lives and work.

Believing in oneself encompasses feeling worthy, capable, empowered and beautiful, as well as learning to balance the different aspects of one’s life. These are key elements to having the confidence and the ability to create and
sustain a life one desires most.6

Written by Rita Shah 

Edited by Ellen Hill

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