That Was The Coldest Day In NYC

When it comes to traditional Japanese engagement photo shoot, being creative is a challenge, especially with record breaking temperatures at 1 degree.   Visiting from Japan, this amazing couple was determined and persistent to finish what they started in NYC. Wearing a flamboyant kimono, she absolutely did not care about the cold temperatures and the wind chill factors. She knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it wasn't passing her without getting the perfect portrait. Their love for each other was so sincere and it was real and visible by all.  That feeling of love, I’m sure, created something very warm that kept them toasty throughout the coldest photo shoot we've ever done. They are truly the pure embodiment of gentleness and harmony that I've ever encountered.
Models: Sachiyo Tsukada and Kei Mizuno
MUA: Naoko Kitano
Author:Anna Khakimova
Edited: Pranesh Rao


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