MODEL: Rualana Tovstopyat


Tanya Okolity finished author school “Make-up Profi” and visited many make-up master classes in Ukraine and Europe.  She received a great number of experience working with brides and participating in models shootings. Tanya has 5 years of experience in the make-up industry.   She started her professional career as a make-up artist in one of the famous and respective channels in her hometown, First National Channel in Odessa. Tanya was invited as an expert in talk shows on Ukrainian TV and participated in the Festival of Creative arts “Fashion Heads XII”.

Versatile in a wide range of specialties: classic, modern, visage eyeliner techniques, anti-age visage, nude, fantasy and make–up for shooting face–art, she shares her experience with makeup artists by providing workshops in Ukraine. Tanya prefers the most natural makeup. Excellent tone and flawless eyebrows is her famous and professional signature. “Select the maximum advantages of appearance and hide flaws” is a work credo.

Tanya was inspired by Lisa Eldridge, Bobbi Brown, Elena Krygina work style in the beginning of her career.

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