How to Wear, How NOT to wear

Have you ever noticed someone wearing an outfit, a dress,  a top, shoes or even a bag and you wanted to go buy it? Have you ever noticed a person wear an item or outfit in your closet and now you want to retire it for good? When it comes to fashion there are plenty of do’s and don’ts.  Most women love to follow trends,  however, wearing it the right way is essential. I am all for pushing the envelope, experimenting when it comes to fashion but wearing an item incorrectly: the wrong fit, the wrong color for your skin tone;  can simply make you look like a “hot mess”.  In general, fashionistas want to get their hands on the must haves of the season.  The old adage “looks aren’t everything” is true, nevertheless, we should remember how we style ourselves daily is important. The first impression people get of you, stylewise or in anything, can leave an indelible mark.

One of my favorite on trend items, the gladiator sandal,  is either a big hit or a big miss. First rule when it comes to wearing gladiator sandals is , do not..  and I repeat DO NOT wear pants with gladiator sandals! You might think this is outrageous, do people actually do that? Yes!  It is a fashion crime that does exist. You probably know or have seen a person who has worn knee high gladiator sandals over their jeans. One can’t go around this faux paux, it is just a plain ole’ simple NO. The point of wearing a gladiator sandal, flat or heel, is to give an extra effect to your leg game. It accentuates yours legs;  wearing a skirt or shorts is more fashion appropriate and it does the trick.  If you really want to go all out, get fancy with it,  make those gladiator sandals work for you – a simple maxi dress with a high slit can give the same effect or even add to it; keep in mind, it’s all about the leg action.

Another big hit or miss is the perennial favorite of most women, leggings. Move over diamonds,  leggings are becoming a  girl’s best friend. It’s a go to when one doesn’t want to dress up and prefer to keep it casual. As much as they are loved, each pair has to be picked thoughtfully. At times, some leggings are shameless and a crime to fashion.  When buying a pair, try to make sure they are NOT see-through. There will be a time or two where one gets by you, seriously,  who really tries on leggings before buying them. If you discover it’s see through after purchasing your new leggings; an easy solution is wear a flannel shirt around your waist. You don’t want to catch someone staring at your POTD (panties of the day).

Another legging catastrophe is wearing leggings under a dress. Unless you’re going to an 80’s party, this is not acceptable in any way, shape or form.  I know other fashion bloggers have said it’s okay, for me, it’s not. In addition,  purchasing white or nude leggings is a simple don’t do it, self explanatory. Suggestions for wearing leggings: try an oversized sweater or tee. Don’t forget to pair it with combat boots or converse.

The last fashion don’t for me are Crocs. I know Crocs have stepped up their shoe game in the last few years. I still only see them as acceptable house shoes – in the fashion world, just don’t.

We witness fashion do’s and don’ts each day on the streets. It is sometimes hard to know how to wear a particular garment  appropriately. My advice, make each item your own. As trends come and go like the seasons of the year, don’t become a slave to trends rather create your own unique style.


Written by Mariah Leon

Edited by Keesha M Charles

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