The Uniqueness of Zwitter Clothing Brand

Zwitter wonders why I consider clothing as a mere adornment, often synonymous with distorted shell of personality. The designer, Angela Hilair, revisits the basics so that everyone can remain true to themselves and the image it generates.

Since 2012, the line plays with fashion codes by mixing genres and Zwitter fights for its Made in France quality. Nothing is left to chance; from cutting to the material, each piece tells us his story.
Creativity and curiosity also invites mix materials. Propose singular cut, tightens the highlight and outfit. Another concept that is very dear to him: the rarity. Since all men are precious and unique, it’s inconceivable that they would not stand!    See more of Zwitter Brand.

Edited by Pranesh Rao

Designer/Stylist: Angela Hilaire; MUA/Hair: Naoko Kitano; Model: Victorya Danylko-Petrovskaya; Photographer:Vandyke Williams;  Ass: Marlon Vidal/Mady Madoxie Madox




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