Survivor’s Guide to Affordable Fashion

As our generation says, “I can’t afford my style.” Styling your clothes, putting together great outfits can be expensive…or so you would think. However, there are ways to work around the issue of prices when it comes to fashion, I like to call it, ‘affordable fashion’.

People tend to believe in purchasing clothes, shoes and accessories as soon as they set their eyes on it… No. The reality is everything goes on sale! Whether you believe it or not, great sales and prices does happen. Sometimes it might be an end of season sale while other times it will be a blowout sale. The point being, those knee high gladiator heels you fell in love with will eventually be at a lower cost,  sometimes even half off.

If you think you can’t live without a certain item, keep tabs on it. One of the best ways to get an item on sale is waiting a couple of weeks after it is put on the rack or online.  By monitoring the item, you can  make sure it is not running out of stock at the company whether online or at the store. If the piece you are in love with keeps running out of stock, next time it becomes available don’t hesitate in buying the item. Chances are it won’t ever go on sale.

Living in New York City, we are considered one the fashion capitals in the world; it is more than probable to get your hands on trendy items. The luxury of shopping in NYC is having access to great fashion boutiques. No, not the boutiques where you spend $400 on one sweater…I’m talking about the ones where you spend at least $3 on a trendy top for a night out! If you have an emergency where you need a last minute outfit or just need a little retail therapy with little money to spend, work your way down to SoHo.   You are bound to find a great deal strutting the Broadway strip. It is a great way to look like a million bucks without hurting your pockets.

These aspects are part of the secret formula to looking great at an affordable prices. Looking chic while on a budget is not impossible. This is the survivor’s guide to trendy affordable fashion.

Written by Mariah Leon
Edited by Keesha M Charles
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