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In today’s generation, a lot of people are leaving traditional careers and going after their passions and dreams; especially South Asians, who are easily rising to the top and are the rising force behind the economic growth and advancement. A majority of them are the visionaries, leaders, innovators, and forward thinkers who will not settle until they have made the world a better place to live. South Asians are leaving their workplace to start their own business based on their hobbies, interests, or an improvement on something that they have already encountered.1
Sava360.com, a platform connecting high-profile influencers with entrepreneurs for business and mentoring opportunities, BrownGirlMagazine.com, an online platform tailored for young South Asian women living in the Diaspora, and Masalamommas.com, the first global online magazine for South Asian moms and moms with a South Asian connection, organized a unique and power mentoring and networking event with more than 70 people in attendance.3

On July 16, five South Asian women from various industries came together to empower entrepreneurs and innovators looking to grow in their careers and professional lives. Neelam Brar, CEO/Co-founder of District CoWork, was previously in Real Estate Investment Banking. District CoWork is Manhattan’s newest district where work, play, and success merge in a culture of innovation. The company provides a hub for innovation by providing entrepreneurs with office, retail and rooftop space to create, promote, and sell
their products and services. Ashni Dave, administrative coordinator of South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (SAWCC), is also a vocalist/songwriter. SAWCC is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the advancement, visibility, and development of emerging and established South Asian women artists and creative professionals8
Reema Rasool is the founder of South Asian Young Women Entrepreneurs (SAYWE) and the principal of LUXE Consulting Group. SAYWE, is a registered not-for-profit organization aimed to cultivate and foster strong relationships amount South Asian women who have entrepreneurial interests. Luxe Consulting Group is a dynamic, award-winning small business providing professional services to Federal, State and Local Governments.5
Miral Sattar, CEO & founder of Bibliocrunch, is a new media entrepreneur. Bibliocrunch helps authors collaborate with editors, book designers, marketers, and other publishing professionals who can take their book to the next level.
Mohitha Sripathi is CMO/Co-Founder of Praxio Technologies, Marketer for Zee TV USA and also a filmmaker. Praxio is a software development and technology consulting firm focused on creating a competitive advantage to our clients by staying ahead of the technology curve.
An event that was hosted to assist individuals who lack role models by connecting like-minded South Asian Americans with one another created a sense of community and connectivity that let the attendees ask questions and speak with the mentors on a personal level. Attendees were given a chance to network with mentors and each other regarding topics ranging from entrepreneurship, business world and creative industries. The advice from the mentors ranged from helping one another, understanding the culture around yourself, positioning yourself in the best way, making the right contact, to knowing how to take rejection, watching for the correct opportunities, and understanding the path you are on.The common theme across the mentors was to network, share your experiences, and help others. The first-of-its kind event showcased the education, the experience, the inspiration, the knowledge, and the willing to share information produced limitless stories and enthusiasm that filled the room with an energy that lit up the room.

Written by Rita Shah

Edited by Pranesh Rao

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