Bazodee – Dreams are Made of This: Movie Review

Image by Dr. Janelle Simmons

Bazodee is the first movie collaboration of Claire Ince and Ancil McKain and quite frankly, it is brilliant. Where else can you see the magic of Bollywood meet the beauty of Trinidad & Tobago and we didn’t even get to the actual love story yet.


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From the inception of this film, there is magic. Through a number of circumstances Anita finds herself walking through the airport to meet her betrothed and his family when she sees a man playing an ukulele. She begins to sing and he (Machel Montano) joins her: “Let me see you make your body move…You make me whistle cause your something good. Oh, you make my body feel rude. Whining like a champion.”  And so it begins.

However, something else is clear in regards to the inception of this film, it is clear that family is important to Anita Panchouri (Natalie Perera) and she is willing to marry for what seems to be familial obligation more so than the true feeling of being in love until she meets Lee de Leon (Machel Montano). Between the “cupidry” that Lee and Anita create to get her cousin hooked up, her father’s (Kabir Bedi) growing debt and the magic that is Carnival, fate, destiny and magic (i.e., that good magic called love) ignite to make a powerhouse, family-friendly flick that may just be what audiences worldwide need to see. After all, Lee sings during Carnival and some truer words have not been sung in a long time –

“You give me a reason to jump for joy (you),

You give me a reason to live (Yea you),

You give me the vibe and keep me alive,

Make everything right yeah you yeah you!”
This movie may just give you a bit of joy and keep you looking for your one true love if you are not already matched with him/her. So, are you ready to see Bazodee and re-experience the confusion that often is called love? And for those who dare counter this presupposition, remember, even chaos is ordered. Bazodee hits theaters nationwide on August 5, 2016. Go see it, you won’t be disappointed. See for yourself –!

By Dr. Janelle C. Simmons

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