So, You’re Thinking About A Fashion Internship…

You’ve spent hours reading on brands and stalking for that summer opportunity you hope will add some weight to your resume. Here at VA Trend, a lot of our contributors have gone through the rounds of internships and we’ve compiled some tips for any would-be future stylists and fashion closet interns.
1. Unless you’re interning for a magazine large enough to afford delivery services (which many do not, or if they do they use them sparingly) chances are that besides accounting for the beautiful items in the fashion closet, you’re also going to be picking them up and delivering them around NYC (yes, Brooklyn, Queens, and even the Bronx sometimes). Be prepared for this and don’t come in with any expectations.
2. Be strong. Literally. You know how Spring/Summer styles are debuted in the winter and vice-versa? Since this is behind-the-scenes the same concept applies. This means a summer internship may potentially consist of carrying heavy outerwear, numerous boots in a large bag, a jackets or two in another, and coat—in 80 degree weather no less.
3. With that being said: invest in a small backpack. I wouldn’t recommend totes or cross bags because of the uneven weight distribution on your shoulders. Backpacks are best because you can add smaller pick-ups and, more importantly, water to it and carry them easily.
4. Buy a good pair of kicks.  Be fashionable, but comfortable. I don’t care how small the heel on your boots are, after walking three avenues to 11th Ave you will feel them. Luckily this year is all about athletic wear and normcore so it shouldn’t be too difficult to stay comfortable.
5. Be patient. How many times do you change your outfit before going to school? While stylists have a vision, they may not have the specifics down yet. They may send you to five different stores for five different leather jackets with the intention of using only one. In my case, I got sent to Chinatown where I spent almost an hour and half looking for a specific pair of bamboo earrings in the right size and color scheme only to get a text saying. “Never mind you can come back.” Don’t be surprised if 90% of the items you picked up are not used in the shoot.
6. Be strategic with your pick-up locations, but also expect the unexpected. So you start the day off with five pick-ups: one in Upper East Side, another Orchard Street, two in Chelsea, and one in Williamsburg. Before you start planning your mental travel map (probably working your way downtown) consider not just where you’re going but what you’re picking up. While your supervisor will likely not express what you’re picking up specifically, brand knowledge can give you a clue of how heavy each item will be.
7. On that note, you will never do all the pick-ups in one run. Get out of that mentality now because unless you’ve got some serious weight-lifting under your belt, you will have to make numerous “drops” in the closet. Your supervisor is aware of this—they’re the ones that sent you out in the first place. So be quick, but know that you are not expected to be superhuman. Give your fingers, back, and legs a rest by taking a break at the office.
Written by  Susana Pereyra
Edited by Bridget Weigel
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