Back to Black

Who are we kidding? Black has always been fashions “in” color. It goes elegantly with any color. We often associate black with a certain styles of fashion as we associate other colors, like red and yellow, with other many others.

Who can say we aren’t devoted to the color black when it comes to assembling an outfit. Despite new trends black has kept its prominence.

Personally prints and black are my go to ensemble while I stick by the saying “don’t pair plaid with plaid, it looks bad!” Solid colors should always be paired with a pattern as they create a great balance in color and in style.

If you are going for a floral print skirt with the colors, red, green, and black it’s always best to pair your patterned garment with a solid color that appears the least on the printed garment.

I learned about colors and pairings in my freshman year at Art & Design high school. I learned a lot about the colors that stand out when paired with other colors. While black is considered the darkest color you can get it can be paired with any lighter pattern, design, or shade and make it standout.

Style is not always about boasting the loudest fashion statement. Fashion is about presenting both loud and simple pieces to give an even bolder statement. Black is making a comeback and although it never goes too far we should get back to it for fashions sake.


Written by Samantha Taylor

Edited by Anya Ferguson

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