Meaning Of Color

When one talks about fashion, color automatically comes to mind.  Color defines and gives life to fashion design.  It can create emotions or express values. At times a visual impact is created for the person who wears the clothing and also the person who sees it.  Color can symbolize many things such as:  status, a belief, a mood, a season;  it  is something that we see in our daily life. Often subjective, color has the power to clarify an atmosphere or mood  in a moments time.

Additionally, our colors choices made can change due  to various reasons.  When one understands color, one can determine what works for them.  It can have a lot of influence over us and other people. Color can be used as a non-verbal communication tool while also having  religious, cultural, political, and social influences. Though the meanings of colors are not set in stone there are some that have remained the same throughout the centuries.

So, what are some of the meanings attached to particular colors ? Here is a simple list of colors and what they can mean or symbolize.

BLACK : Authority, power, stylish, timeless, sophistication

WHITE : Innocence, purity

RED: Love,  power, intensity, sexy, aggressive, creates energy

PINK: Tranquility, romance , joy, happiness

BLUE : Peaceful, calmness, cold/depressing, loyalty, freshness

GREEN : Refreshing, conservative, wealth, nature, calmness

YELLOW : up tempo , attention getter, loud, centralizing

PURPLE: Royalty, luxury, feminine, romantic, wealth

BROWN: Solid, reliable, real and stability

GREY: Sophistication, confidence, neutral

CRIMSON: Often associated with the  church (Catholic )

INDIGO : Power, importance, wealth

ORANGE : Courage

GOLD: Majesty, wealth, divinity

Because color is the first thing people notice, it is one of the most important elements of fashion. It can change the perception of one’s shape or weight while your personality and emotions lead your color choices. When determining an  appropriate color palette for oneself,  it helps to use the above information with the occasion, time, season, age, and one’s natural coloring to make the right choice.

Color most importantly adds to our lives, again, by affecting our thinking and our moods, giving our energies balance,  boosting our self-confidence and the overall change in how we dress.


Written by Rita Shah

Edited by Keesha M Charles

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