Henry Bonna is a young 24-year-old New York designer. He distinguishes his brand known as the Bonna Collection “as being the fit and uniqueness that helps people feel confident, which is the way they want to feel.” Sitting at a cafe with Bonna, I asked; “What do you feel characterizes your brand?”  With poised confidence, Bonna explained; “My brand brings something they (his clients) can not find. They know what they want to feel like.” Bonna adds…“but they don’t know how to articulate it.”

Perhaps, this confidence and Bonna’s success can be attributed to Bonna’s personal passion to dress well. “As long as Ï can remember, I have always loved to dress well and look good. When going out I would intentionally seek out certain restaurants where I knew I had to dress well.” Bonna continues, “As a clothes shopper I was always looking for the perfect fit, and uniqueness. I looked for something not typical.” Fast-forward to today, six months after Bonna finished his latest, and fourth debut, his 2014 brand, and it is clear that Bonna is a person who follows his passion. It is also apparent that Bonna is a perfectionist in his art.

Since Bonna has been introduced to the industry in 2009, he has been tirelessly taking business classes, and building on his experience one line after another. “I wanted to be in the industry so badly that I kept working in it. I thought I would be wasting my time if I was not working in fashion. “Even today, when asked about time,  Bonna says, “I believe if I put all my time into work, all the rest will come from it.”

All of Bonna’s work and each of B’s brands have been about perfecting an idea, whether a t-shirt, or a particular detail, and each one, B feels “has been a learning experience to me of where I am today. The more I continued with the small things, the more contacts I had, and [the] more time and inspiration I had to research and study.”

Bonna is solely responsible for all of his self-marketing. Hence, his continuous business classes. His perfectionist and creative side keeps his vision clear  “Only I design my line because it all needs to have the same quality value and it needs to meet up to the same expectations.” Bonna explains; “I realize items, not groups of work and my vision lies in quality—with a good price.” With a clear vision such as this, passion and a perfectionist attitude, there is no doubt we will be hearing more about New York’s young designer, Henry Bonna.

Written by Diane Forte

Edited by Janelle Simmons

Designer: Henry Bonna Model: Zakiya Young MUA/Hair: Elizabeth Ray Photographer: Anbeter Photography Coordinator: Anna Khakimova

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