Summer has arrived in New York City, and we all know what that means: beach days, camping trips, barbecues, and many other outdoor adventures. It also means humidity and hot summer sun. The humidity can leave your hair frizzy or flat, and overexposure to sunlight can wreak havoc on the ends. Sure, you can always sport a cute hat or head wrap, but what about the days when you just want to have some great looking locks? Here is how you can manage your mane and look good while enjoying all that the summer months have to offer:

1. Wear it natural. Be you. This means, if you have wavy to curly hair, wear it wavy and curly, and if you have a straighter strand, wear it as it falls. You can let it air dry, or lightly dry the scalp area with a nozzle or diffuser, but its best to go au naturel! The last thing your hair needs in the summer months is more heat stretching and pulling out waves, or curling your straight ends.
2. Keep it hydrated. No matter the hair texture, use a light, leave in conditioner on the ends. It will keep your ends and soft, closing the hair cuticle and acting like a barrier from the sun and other environmental factors. It also helps to detangle and prevent split ends. There are many products on the market, such as Verb Leave In Detangling Mist and Bumble and Bumble leave in (or rinse). Or you can opt for Moroccan Oil or a lightweight argan Oil. (These tend to be a bit heavier. Keep it light and just layer it up.
3. Try a sea salt base spray.The salt is great for refreshing second day hair, or getting more lift and control without looking like you’ve tried too hard. The new product trend is great for giving a little wave to straight hair and controlling and taming the more intense curl patterns. It gives you that effortless beach look without feeling sticky, greasy or flaky. Again, Verb and Bumble and Bumble all carry their own great versions of the sea spray.
4. Invest in a deep conditioner. And use it 1x per week. This is something you can purchase and do at home in the shower for 3-10 minutes as directed, or schedule a deep conditioning treatment at your salon for a more intense feel and a better atmosphere.
Happy Summer!
Written by Desiree Ochs
Edited by Ellen Hill
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