The Fai Nelson Story

Steve Harvey said it best…”Behind every success story there’s a community helping you to realize your potential.”

In 2008, I set out to conquer my goals and live my dreams. First being to return to college after building my family. I would obtain my Bachelors degree in honor of my deceased Father. It was imperative that I establish a better life for my family  as I was taught by him.

The second goal was to challenge myself to take better care of me. Being a new mother had its challenges; often I found myself last on the TO DO list. This inspired me to enter my first Fitness Competition. With the love, support and guidance of my Family plus an ENTIRE community of Health, Wellness and Fitness mentors, BOLD ENOUGH TO BARE IT was born. The day before graduation, I walked the stage of my first Body Building and Figure Competition on May 16, 2015 at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex of Landover, MD.  If were not for the largest community of love, I wouldn’t have made it through the challenges I encountered.

moms cell Competition Day 073I didn’t give up. It didn’t happen over night and the process of reaching my goals, step by step took diligent perseverance.
You name it, I tried it; I had been through most weight loss programs from Medifast to Weight Watchers. Finally, I came to the realization that a strength based training program, nutritional supplementation and a structured, preplanned meal program worked best for me. TAKE AWAY ALL OF THE GUESS WORK! So I learned how to meal prep in true BODY BUILDER fashion…. lean protein, complex carbs and fibrous vegetables became my introduction to in-depth, detailed nutrition and macro-nutrients.

The Struggle…

Yes, I grew tired of eating some of the most lean foods you could imagine over extended periods of time. However, in turn, I gained true discipline and control over what I fed my body.  It is POWERFUL. While I may have been left with loose skin along the midsection from successful fat loss after two children,  in my eyes it is  a badge of honor that I’ll gladly embrace. Additionally, I proudly show off my sculpted arms, beautiful legs and glowing, healthy skin.

Never give up on what you want out of life for you or your family. Taking time to focus on yourself not only benefits you directly, it also affects your entire family and community.  They will note your hard  work and due diligence in your new restructured life.  Remember, you can’t take care of your family and community without taking care of you first.

Every attempt at weight loss renders  a different result for different people:  remain vigilant, dig your heels into the dirt, stay the course of mindful eating and consistent exercise; peel back the layers to reveal your best self. It can be done.

Lastly, tell yourself, I’m not finished yet – there is more to come.

Written by Fai Nelson
Edited by Kiki Charles


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