Are Sweet Sixteen Celebrations Overrated?

Here comes the year of Sweet Sixteen celebrations where all my friends and their friends are turning the big 1-6. For those of us who turn sixteen, we are excited because now we feel like we have so many more privileges, that we can do so much more; and that we are “grown.” However, the reality is that we really aren’t grown; we’re just on our way there. Thereafter, comes the anticipation about all the parties that are coming our way. We take time to get decked out in order to look pretty/prettier and then we dance; we collect our gifts only to leave the celebration. So, what exactly is the big deal about a Sweet Sixteen
and is it overrated?

After all, parents spend so much money on this one night, which tends to be about a five-hour event. They pay for limos, dresses, make-up, hair stylists, food, and the best venue that they can afford. Yes, this tradition is beautiful, especially for the Sweet 17celebrant because it’s a coming of age party that initiates her entrance into
womanhood while being recognized as an adult. However, Sweet Sixteen celebrations are often something short-lived.
My question is as follows; “Why not do something different and more meaningful where [like] take a vacation to a new destination and learn and experience new things while in a different country? During that journey, a person could learn more than merely a new dance move or new make-up tricks. In addition, a person may seem more unique to others and more amusing because they chose to do something that isn’t commonly done when celebrating a teenager’s Sweet Sixteen.

In closing, Sweet  Sixteen celebrations are overrated because they require tons of money in order to make the night special and noteworthy. On the other hand, a trip that lasts for about a week, will automatically be special and noteworthy because it will leave you with new experiences, a relaxed state of mind, and maybe a new stamp in your passport book. Traveling seems to always win over parties! Well, at least in my book!

Written by Lauryn M. Vincent

Edited by Janelle Simmons

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