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Kathleen Bailey, a unique blend of Caribbean and Irish decent,  was raised in both St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados in the Eastern Caribbean Islands of the West Indies. Kathleen who has been observing her mother, since 8 years old, seemed to be destined for success. Kathleen’s mother designed wedding ensembles adding her own artistic flair resulting in exquisite gowns for  clients from diverse walks of life and distinctive echelons of society.  Raised in a world of design and romance Kathleen describes her  childhood years as an enchanting world of design and fashion.

Growing up in a world of fabrics and designs young Kathleen possessed an inquisitive mind. As a child she collected the scraps of material from her mother’s studio floor, retreated quietly to her room, and snipped , cut and designed new clothes for her Barbie Dolls. As a result Kathleen had the most originally dressed Barbie’s in her school and was the envy of the other students.4d

This start later became her  academic foundation of  Kathleen paying close attention to design and style in her school designs. As she progressed through her school formative years she was readily identified as talented in her attention to color fabrication, coordination and combination.

Kathleen was also blessed with a model’s physique and good looks which led to yet another avenue into the fashion world.

Under the strict Eagle Eye of her mother, she learned proper etiquette, deportment and all the qualities associated with being a “proper young lady” in  a Caribbean society.

Self-discipline and a strong moral code have always been well recognized as major character traits in Kathleen’s personality and character, which has paid dividends to her many times over in the various aspects of her still young successful life.

One of example of this can be seen when, at 18 years old, Kathleen entered into and  created all of her own clothing for the Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines Annual Carnival Beauty Pageant. This seemingly endeavor of creativity  turned out to be a measure of Kathleen’s commitment to design. At the Pageant Kathleen was  chosen to represent St. Vincent at the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, but respectfully declined knowing she would be expected to forfeit her creativity  to satisfy her sponsors. This would become the first measure of the steely strength and admirable moral and ethical code of blossoming young business woman.

When studying in College Kathleen was awarded the Top Honors of the nation in Mercantile Design in fashion, clothing and manufacturing enterprise.This became the catalyst which inaugurated Kathleen Bailey as a serious and resolute challenger in the world of regional fashion.

Kathleen was also traveling extensively, regionally and internationally, as her modeling career rocketed. This exposure to the industry’s needs acted as a springboard into high fashion design. Kathleen’s eye for detail was exemplified through the quality of the pieces her models portrayed on the ramp in various shows throughout the region. Her popularity grew in leaps and bounds as her refusal to lower the quality standards which she had set for herself from the outset of her career, was appreciated by her supporters and clients alike. Industry heads conceded that her skills where indeed  the “Real McCoy”. Quite an honor.8

Kathleen has been away from the fashion industry for a few years as she focused and directed her energies in raising her three children. She is now returning to the industry with some exquisite examples of Beach and Summer wear.

Kathleen’s Studio/Store is ideally located along the main passageway of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cruise Ship Berth, in Kingstown, St. Vincent. The myriad of her colorful ORIGINAL designs are not only eye-catching, accentuate the female form in the simplest forms. The fact that Kathleen’s designs are made, and look great, on all sizes and figures is what sets Kathleen Bailey’s designs apart from the regular run of the mill Designer Beachwear.

Kathleen’s philosophy as a designer has always been to design to suit the client’s needs, not to mass produce any design for profit’s sake. Her philosophy is well founded and people are attracted to her gentle sincere personality as she endeavors to meet their tailored physical needs through enhancement of their self-esteem. The client feels the positive enhancement that Kathleen’s designs evoke as they wear their purchase with confidence.

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Written by Kathleen Bailey

Edited by Diane Forte

Feature model: Haidee Dunn

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