5 W’s of Protective Styling

Model: Natallia Drabliankova, MUA: Kristina Grokholska, Photo: Vandyke Williams, Hair: Anna

Like me, you might be fairly new to the natural hair game, or you might have been rockin it au-natural all these years. As a newbie or an oldie, read on for the basics about this oh so important part of our hair regimen.

WHAT:   Protective styles are hair looks which secures your natural hair;  it limits styling and exposure to the environment. It can include any number of styles from braids and twists to updos.

WHO: Both naturalistas and non-naturals alike can use protective styling. If your hair needs some rest and relaxation, this trend is for you.

WHEN: Protective styles are traditionally popular during the cold months. It decreases wash and go frequency while protecting hair from brutal weather elements. Recently, these types of styles have been trending, and are seen year round. It is also particularly useful for summer months when beach trips(aka sand) can wreak havoc on natural hair.

WHY: Protective styles allow for less daily manipulation therefore less overall breakage. Ultimately, it means more growth! By enclosing hair strands into a protective style, the hair is exposed lesd to weather elements like wind and sun; fortifying against breakage and helping to retain moisture. Also, they look good!!

WEAR: Braids or twists during the winter. Bantu knots or flat twists to set a twist-out. Twisted Halos to tame day 3 or 4 hair.

Written by Brittany Edwards of Sisterdo (follow @sisterdo123)

Edited by Keesha M Charles

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